We help heart-centered purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals tap into their inner-clarity when making decisions, so they can work and play from the place of certainty, balance, and fulfillment!

Welcome to the Notes of Wisdom™

We believe that it is absolutely possible for individuals with busy lives to function form a place of balance. No matter what life throws at them!

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the Notes of Wisdom™


There are many ways to get you on track with living a fulfilling and balanced life. We offer 3 ways to fit your needs and help you define your fulfilling and balanced life in a way that allows you to trully step into your inner-powerhouse. 

Sacred Blueprint Course

Group Quest

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What We Do


We help heart-centered, mission-focused individuals fully step into the wisdom of their inner-blueprint in the way that allows them move through personal and business decisions with ease and clarity. 

Who We Are


Helping entrepreneurs and business professionals make decisions from a place of certainty is what we do. Restoring their sense of wholeness, so they can live their most fulfilling lives is who we are. 

founder of

  Notes of Wisdom™

Danika Katerina

Katerina’s journey begins in Soviet Union… Siberia to be specific. She grew up

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Her favorite quotes are:

“Expanding into wisdom is a process subtraction, not addition” 

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you found out why”

She found out her “why”… and it’s to help people see that they are innately powerful, full of deep wisdom, and when they tap into their inner powerhouse, they can create anything they desire in life. 


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